Car loan without account statement – apply online here

  The bank has access to the current account anyway and, if in doubt, quickly looks directly. On the other hand, external loans – without viewing the account statements – are becoming increasingly rare. Visit for a summary In the foreseeable future, even the last offers will disappear. The reason for this is the

Credit for Continuing Education.

If you no longer see any prospects for your career, continuing education is often the last chance. And she is usually the right choice and opens new paths with mostly much better earning potential. But a training is not cheap and can cost several thousand USD. A credit for a further education is therefore often

Loans for everyone

Good Finance Bank belongs to the group of commercial banks whose head office is located in Warsaw. Last year, the bank was in seventh place in terms of the value of assets of banks operating in Poland. Bank Good Finance currently has over 360 branches. He deals with internet, mobile and telephone banking. The bank’s

Loan for the unemployed. Are you able to get it?

It turns out that yes. The only solution in this situation is the offer of loan companies that offer financial assistance also without checking where your income comes from. Unfortunately, at the bank you have nothing to count on any credit or loan. What conditions do you need to meet to get help? Read and

A quick loan for the holidays. Plan her with her head

Holidays are a period of increased spending, which can often exceed our financial possibilities. After all, each of us wants the Christmas Eve supper and the next two holidays to be perfectly refined. A quick loan for the holidays may be a solution for the temporary lack of funds for organizing ideal family holidays. Check

Loan with own contribution

Many of us wonder what is the best form of credit. Is it worth taking loans with own contribution or will those that do not require any contribution from us be better? In many banks you can find a loan offer that does not require a down payment, but are such loans profitable for a

Credit with Dina

Start here without obligation and free of charge your request. The repayment credit is particularly suitable for smaller investments for their financing. Its advantages lie above all in the high flexibility: it can be used in whole or in part up to the agreed credit line and can also be repaid in the same way.

Student loan: is it possible?

It turns out that every young person can apply for financial help. Important in this case is the age of 18, but this stage is already completed by every student. In that case, what loan for a student will be the most advantageous and thus will not ruin his wallet?   Build a credit history

Estimate: 10 percent cheaper loans with the new law

A cornerstone of the High-Cost Credit Act is the interest rate ceiling. Since the law was introduced, a high-cost credit must not have a higher nominal interest rate than about 40%. It can be compared to interest rates of several hundred percent that some companies had before the law came into force. But how much