The bank has access to the current account anyway and, if in doubt, quickly looks directly. On the other hand, external loans – without viewing the account statements – are becoming increasingly rare. Visit for a summary

In the foreseeable future, even the last offers will disappear. The reason for this is the change in legal regulations. Loans are no longer a regional matter. They are traded internationally.

For example, the US dollar crisis started. Reason enough for the international community to act. In principle, every bank is considered “systemically important”. It can only allow secure credit. Part of the credit check is to compare income and expenses. The excerpts show whether someone “flickers” in the information in the application.

But that’s just one of the reasons why car loans without bank statements are being offered less and less.

Low-interest car loan – secure lending

Low-interest car loan - secure lending

The ECB is flooding the market with interest-free credit. Basically, banks only pass on the money. But, they are liable for it. Car loan is so cheap because property security and personal creditworthiness work together. With interest rates as low as today, it is not worth taking the slightest risk. Basically, the changes not only affect car loans without bank statements, but every credit request.

Nevertheless, applicants are of course also right if they request the waiver of the bank statements. A look at the bank statements corresponds to a “financial striptease”. With recognizable good creditworthiness, this really doesn’t have to be the case. It is enough to see a bank statement to prove the flow of income.

Basically, this bank statement only prevents the employer from being asked. He rules out that there is a garnishment of wages. The idea of ​​avoiding excerpts from a credit portal with a car loan from a private person is not a viable option. Both Lite Lender and Cream Bank exclude the car loan without a bank statement.

Cream Bank reviews the statements retrospectively for 12 weeks.

Without extracts – not always clever


If someone – to protect privacy – wants to keep the bank statements secret, this is an individual decision. In order not to become glassy, ​​he should consequently also forego Facebook and bonus points. Doing so because a loan would not otherwise be approved is another matter. If relevant credit risks are darkened, the shot can quickly backfire.

The credit check does not only serve to protect capital. It also protects borrowers from over-indebtedness. It is not an advantage to get a car loan without a bank statement that has problems paying in installments. Then it is a matter of time before the car disappears from the parking lot.

The bottom line is that there are an infinite number of disadvantages due to the negative credit bureau that then necessarily follows, so out of self-interest it does not make sense to only avoid credit hurdles instead of overcoming them.

Prepare bank statements – self-control

Only by car loan, without looking for a bank statement, noticeably limits the choice of loans. Interest rate advantages are automatically given away, which can be realized with a precise credit check.

The bank also does not expect the current account to be in top shape. The excerpts only show that there is no “turbulence”. The bottom line of the examination period is that there are no chargebacks due to insufficient funds. In addition, the applicant does not pay to collections.

It would be nice if the account “looked better” within the intended auto rate before each payment was received. Lenders check the statements retrospectively for a maximum of 3 months. During this period it is definitely possible to keep the account “properly”. The credit check then goes “smoothly”, although the bank statements are on the table.

If this is not possible, the borrower should save his application in his own interest. Because the credit is actually at risk.

Additional credit protection – despite bad bank statements

Additional credit protection - despite bad bank statements

If the professional credit check finds weaknesses, the warning should be taken seriously. Nevertheless, a weak credit rating does not necessarily mean that you will later experience payment difficulties.

Most lenders open a back door to problem solving on their own. They offer lending with a second solvent borrower. A car loan without a bank statement is avoidable, although the evidence shows weaknesses. For example, it would make sense to apply for a loan with two borrowers.

The good proof of creditworthiness of the second borrower enables an uncomplicated procedure and particularly low interest rates. All banks are also eligible again. Incidentally, the risk for the co-applicant is also limited. After all, the vehicle represents a value.

If something goes wrong, he is not left empty-handed. The car could be sold again to settle the loan.

Conclusion – car loans without a bank statement

Conclusion - car loans without a bank statement

People are looking for car loan without a bank statement for two reasons. Some do not want to be seen on the cards – despite having a good credit rating.

Against the background of not being more transparent than necessary, the loan request can be fulfilled risk-free. In the current loan comparison, six out of more than 20 lenders offer vehicle loans without a bank statement. It is less advisable to disguise risks with poor creditworthiness. Of course, the bank statement – with the chargeback due to insufficient funds – would prevent the loan.

That’s right, because it doesn’t just protect capital. The chargeback proves beyond any doubt that the applicant was at least temporarily insolvent.

An approved car loan without a bank statement would be the next step in the debt trap.

Tip – get the extracts in shape

Tip - get the extracts in shape

It is better to “prepare” the bank statements for disadvantageous entries. Preventing turbulence for just a few weeks should be feasible. At least if the borrower can afford his car loan. After all, “one” pays approved car loan without a bank statement over years.

If it doesn’t work for a few weeks, then it is guaranteed not to go well for years.

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