It turns out that every young person can apply for financial help. Important in this case is the age of 18, but this stage is already completed by every student. In that case, what loan for a student will be the most advantageous and thus will not ruin his wallet?


Build a credit history at an early age

 Build a credit history at an early age

The operating principle of not only banks, but also loan institutions is similar. The better your credit history, the better your chances of getting financial help. But how do you ensure that you are credible?

You should start by buying equipment in installments or from a small loan. Then pay all installments that you previously agreed with the entrepreneur on time. By regularly donating money, you build a positive impression on your loan institution. Then the lender has proof that you give all your money back on time. Let’s not fool ourselves, it is primarily about the company.


Student loan: what documents do the lender require?

 Student loan: what documents do the lender require?

It is worth emphasizing that there are few of them, but they form the basis for assessing creditworthiness and granting the appropriate loan amount. What do we count as these necessary documents?

  • ID card
  • Income question – in some companies you may be asked about the amount of your monthly income. However, it turns out that loan institutions usually do not require written confirmation where your income comes from. Therefore, when completing the application, you can provide receipts such as scholarships, money from odd jobs or pocket money from parents.


The lender usually needs additional things from his potential client, such as a bank account, mobile number and email address. This should be neither a surprise nor an insurmountable obstacle for you.


Do you work and study? It will be easier for you to get a loan

student loan

If you are able to present a certificate of income obtained from an employment contract, commission or university scholarship, you will be able to receive money very easily. Both in a bank or loan company. Remember, however, that the loan company guarantees a minimum of formalities and speed of payment. If you need a small amount for your current expenses, select this option.


You can’t work and you need money? Nothing lost!

 You can't work and you need money? Nothing lost!

If you are able to ask someone to raise a loan or credit, you can get financial help from the bank. A resident is a person who certifies that you are able to pay off your debt incurred in the bank.

However, there is a simpler way. It is best to first work on creating an attractive credit history and then apply for a loan at the loan institution. You can also use the financial product comparison service to find out which loan institutions do not need a salary certificate from you.

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